Posted by on May 28, 2013

I recently read quite a lot of articles in “focuses”, “Relaxing”. As I felt myself is getting stressed out and there should be something out there that can give us a way to relieve.


First of all, a video on that explains why did you get “Caught up in thinking” and need to “Get out of your own way”. Explaining the “Flow states” and how can we get in such state?

Then after we understand what are we looking for, you might think… HOW?


I found 2 methods, Free & Not.


Lets always start with the FREE one! There is a website that is called ““, it simulates a relaxing environment of your own choice that goes with step by step guide! Dirt cheap and simple.


They also got iPhone App: app



During my search there was another interesting find in “Kickstarter” – by “Melon“. The team that had been developing a device that can accurately measure the brain activity and show this data on your iPhone.


This allows you to manage and understand more on what affect your FOCUS!


To be honest, I can NOT wait to try this out!




And here is the video:


Further reading: Melon Kickstarter Page

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