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Recently I had been spending most of my time in producing this images for this photo competition – WYNG Master Awards

The theme is – AIR

Focusing on air pollutions and the problems it causes in Hong Kong

Detail Brief:

Project Statement

空氣 = 兇器

 Lethal Weapon

AIR, a substance that supposed to be the necessity to Live.

However with the AIR pollution in HK that surged high above the WHO standards, I start to wonder are there still 21% Oxygen in the AIR?

The cost of uncontrolled pollutants already caused devastating consequences to HK economy and more importantly to our health. If this continues, will the AIR we so crucially need turn against us? During our daily lives, our actions might slowly transform AIR into something lethal, a weapon that eventually will take our own life.

My project aims to put these thoughts into something more tangible, making an impact back to the society. Rethinking what went wrong and hopefully helps others to generate some solid solutions.

Despite the HK government had announced actions will be taken to ease AIR pollution, however the recent dispute on “Converting land uses of HK country parks” a sensible move? Are those people stepping on their own toes?

I hope this project could raise awareness for the consequences of disregarding the seriousness in air pollution, and reserving the precious natural resources that keeps us alive is vital.





Death by AIR

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