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香港全職工作人士每星期平均工作時數約48小時。其他亞洲地區的標準工時,大多是每週44小時,而日本及部份歐洲國家訂於40小時。 曾OT的僱員有48.2%(32萬人)沒有補償,設立標準工時至少可以確保僱員有「OT補水」的權益,確保在香港多勞還是可以多得。

Starting off one of my projects to raise Public awareness of OT work and pay in HK. The plan is to shoot a series of Photos of Offices after regular office hour to illustrates this problem.

Please Support:
1) Spread this idea or join me
2) Provide me places that I can shoot photos similar to this
3) Send me your “OT” Photo, if selected will be added into the collection


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